📦 Products

🌎🆔📜 Universal Identity Standard

Logical definition of the protocol including federation across multiple protocol instances.

🌎🆔🕸 Universal Identity Network

The default protocol instance that aims to create the largest and most commonly used network of personal, and organizational identities.

🌐📲 Ecosystem apps

Created and supported by other players in the ecosystem, powered bu the Universal Identity protocol.

🆔📲 Identity app

The primary high security app that interacts with the user by surfacing notifications and requests for user input or confirmations, built by an ecosystem player.

📇📲 Contacts app

The main app a user goes to in order to search and retrieve contacts, as well as connect with others and add new contacts, built by an ecosystem player.

🤳 An app per use case

For each of the items detailed in the use cases section, there can be an app built by an ecosystem player that implements it on top of the Universal Identity protocol.